Stage 2


Technical skills and climbing movement;

At this point is where we learn about the fine points and issues that go hand and foot with climbing.

  • Footwork
  • Balance
  • Route reading
  • Holds
  • Climbing economy

Our learning out comes will be;

  1. Understanding how the above plays a key part within climbing
  2. How to best apply the above subject to your climbing
  3. How best to apply it after the class

Within this class, we’ll also be looking at other aspects’ that can affect how you improve overall, these can be (but not limited to) Falling, Fears, Good and Bad habits, Strength, Flexibility.

If this is it of interest to you, then get in contact! We can discuss how we can improve yourself to climb better, higher and longer!

Stage 1

Learning the Basics’

How to;

  • Put a harness on
  • Tie knots
  • bring someone up and down
  • Recognise the dangers

The learning objectives for this are;

  1. Being able to get yourself ready and check if yourself and your partner are ready to climb.
  2. To be able to bring someone safely up and back down a climbing wall
  3. Understand and experience going up and coming back down the wall

Within these learning objectives, there are many sub-objectives that the above actions will arise when we start climbing.

After this stage, you’d be ready to go climbing in most UK climbing walls.

Get yourself to the climbing wall and go up some walls!

Video posts

Here’s my yearly post.

I’m looking at making a few short movies about climbing, being my first one, I’m still thinking about a style or feel, but I hope that they’ll improve the more and more I complete.

This movie is about how many attempts’ you should make on a problem, most people tend to try only a handful of times, the discipline you should have with yourself is to keep trying, until you have put in a number of tires that resembles double digits (I think that I’ve tried twenty plus times on this one).

So thank you for watching and I’ll post the others when I do them.



Increased strength from new pill!

Pfizer have released a new drug which previously banded by the IOC, WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) and UK anti-doping – can help grow muscle tissue without harm and damage to cells within the human body!

The new drug called Opti-perf from the Latin optimus perficientur, meaning best performance, will be available to any and all sports athletes provided they acknowledge the use of the drug before competition.

Click here for the company press release.

Time lapse from my phone

I think its been just as long that I have posted on here as I’ve not climbed a wall!

Its time to go big or not at all, this is in prep for a trip to Italy. So we’ll be climbing for most of the day up the side of a lovely mountain.

This wasn’t a bad video, it was the first time I used the phone for this.