New bits and bobs, mostly just a tripod and a microphone


Last year around Xmas I treated myself to lovely Gopro Hero 2 cam, I haven’t used it too much, mostly because I’ve not had the right parts for it, but now I have them!

One of these requirements was a camera tripod, I had a decent enough one that I filmed all the other videos on, (that got lost by my brother) but now with the Gopro, I think that having this cam in a fixed position away from the action isn’t effective use of it’s small, light and wide POV.

I’ve made the purchase of a Joby Gorillapod magnetic bendy tripod. I hope to test this out very soon. It features three legs which can be set to; wrapped around, stuck to, hang from and support my Gopro cam

One concern was the size of the tripod feet, I was hoping that the size wouldn’t be bigger than a 10 pence piece (15mm), if they were smaller, I would be able to attach the tripod via the many bolts the climbing wall use to place holds on the wall! See the test footage here.

Another bit of kit is a Blue Yeti USB microphone. I’ll be using this for my other love which is playing drums, I’ll also be using the camera for this. A secondary use of the mic is that I may make commentaries on the climbs that I do.


The Westway Climbing centre

I figured that if you’ve not been, I’d give you a snapshot tour. Will make a video later, but for now enjoy the pictures.

the bottom two photo where taken and used with another post, I’d like to add them in, but WordPress won’t allow an additional install of plugins, unless you host the site yourself.  For now it will have to do.

Gopro FOV test footage

I figure that I may require the remote for the Gopro, (this may help with another problem I come across, not being able to see where the camera is pointing) because setting up and positioning the camera can be a test on its own, having to go back to where it is, is a task in its self!

Anyway, here is some footage of the circuit from above, I’ll try some other angles and see which I like the best. The footage looks great but I think the angle should be I bit higher, I’ll have to try a full circuit next time to see if I get cut off or have a blind spot.

Let me know what you think or have any suggestions.

Finger board guide lines

I was search for the training sequence I used on the second video, I came across this guidance for finger board training. I thought that it best to put it here as to warn people about best and safe use of a finger board.  The finger board in this video is, I guess an older version of the Simulator3D board.

Please do read through this training guide.

The second link is the sequence guide that Metolius have on their web site.

(do’s and dont’s of finger boards)

(ten minute training, beginner, intermediate and hard)

Upgrades and development

So the Westway has made a decision to bring back a “feature” lead climbing wall. So a portion of the “horse shoe” is to be demolished and rebuild.

I hope to get some before and after shots, also I’d like to try to get a time lapse of the whole project, maybe a tilt shift style and a regular one, depends on what equipment I an barrow. I look forward to seeing and climbing what will be put up.

Here’s how it looks now.

Ania, Ilona and I: Part 2

So another of Ilona’s friends came climbing with us. Her name is Ania Kucharska and this was her second time climbing. She had climb with us before, I wasn’t in the process of making this, so no blog entre for that occasion.  As the night progress Ania got more and more buzzed to climb, We had almost climbed for two hours and enjoyed herself immensely! I tried a 6B+ and failed, back to regular climbing.

These are some of the pictures.

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Please read the instructions!

My birthday is coming up soon and I thought that I may treat myself to a techniques’ lesson, I think it’s been a long time coming. In the past, I mostly spend my time climbing with people near to my level/ability, wishful to help whom I’d be climbing with, inversely,I asked myself “who would do the same for me?”. I did see many climbers that are much better than me, but with no clear way to getting to climb with them, except by their invitation, I wasn’t going to get to climb with people better than myself fast.

I feel with anything, if you want to improve, you need to surround yourself with people who can do what you want to do, but they’re better at it than you.

The connections I have at the climbing centre this may be the best thing to help improve my climbing. I feel that I’d have to start training myself up before undertaking such lessons/tuition, to re-condition my mind and body to receive the information.

At this point I have thought about this, with the many different people who I work with all very good climbers, I wonder if I should try to get some instruction or just keep training as I did before and then gets some performance tips? It has been some time since I was in a regular swing of climbing and training, I think it time to set some time to focus on my climbing again, with or without the camera, also with or without some tuition.

Early on set addiction

I came across these photos from 2009, this was when I first started climbing with my close friends (Rowen and Sheryl. The Centre is Westway, on the old bouldering wall (around October of 2009). Had lots of overhanging problems, a traverse route and some bloody hard crimp routes from what I can remember.

New header photos

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So now I’ve got some climbing related photos on the main page of the site. I’ll keep adding more when I get some more, enjoy for now.

I’ll include the original photos in this post.