Have a nice summer

I’ve been following closely to the release of the Gopro Wi-fi and remote combo kit. This little add-on for the Hero2 is to increase functionally to the camera. The feature I’ve been awaiting is the steam to device or ‘live preview’ to coin another term.

So far the release date has been pushed four times on my counting;

  1. March 2012
  2. April 2012
  3. Spring 2012
  4. Now Summer 2012.

The only way that I can put it across to people how frustrating the need for this piece of equipment is, remember the time before digital cameras, unless you had an idea of how it work to work a film camera, chances are that you would have been taking photographs and wouldn’t see the results until you can back from the developers after having the film processed. To find that you didn’t focus correctly, or was to bright /dark, you’ve cut out a part of somebody.

  • Live preview

This is what its like for me, not being able to frame and review at the time.When I’ve shot footage, I have to remove the camera , leave the area and find a computer, review it and then return. The live preview will hep me get the correct angle and save me time.

  • Remote

I find that I’m having to place the cam where it’s not easy to push the record button after its positioned. Even then I don’t have an idea if the camera is at the correct angle. That remote record feature will again save my time and energy.

So my plea to Gopro. Please sort out the Wi-fi pac soon, I’d love to have this feature on my camera and then I only have to think about what to do with all the footage I get.


The new wall at Westway

So this is the follow-up from my earlier post on the upgrades/development at the Westway. Here are some CG renderings of what the wall will look like;

I’ve been told that it has a mild over hang to all of it.

New wall

I hope to follow this up with a brief interview with one of the people directly involved with the  design, planning and execution of the wall.

The work is due to commence at the end of May and finished after around five weeks.

Inspired by another

So I just watched a viral video made by a gentleman by the name of Casey Neistat (watch the video here) for a awhile I’ve been filming these climbs, I’ve been thinking that I’d like to have a direction to use the footage for other than to sit and watch, because unless your really in to climbing, I’d say that it can be a bit boring to the average watcher.

The reason for this sudden light bulb moment was I watch his movie he made of him self and hid friend Max, flying around the globe in ten days, originally he was commissioned to film a movie/clip/film by Nike to the expression “Make it count”. He takes the money and spend it on a massive journey.

Not that I’m going to do the same thing, I now find myself with an idea on what I can film, make into a short movie and see what developes.

So my thanks to Casey Neistat, for the sudden spike in focus!

Read the title CAREFULLY…

eBay Logo

eBay Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In my ever-increasing need to purchase more items for the Gopro, I was looking on eBay at accessories,  I chanced upon a bargain, a Gopro wrist housing for £5.
I could believe my eyes. So putting down a bid of £5, three hours later I find an email stating I have won, a door to the housing of a Gopro wrist housing. A firework goes off in my head.

After a days work, I head to my girlfriends house to chill, later on I check the email and I see ‘Congratulations on your successful bid on winning a Gopro housing ‘replacement door’….door, A DOOR!
Typically I don’t act on impulse, but the three-hour deadline had confused my focus on the matter! The unfocussed event happened just before I was to leave for work, which ment that I could have retracted my first bid had I been watching and not been rushing to very out the door for work.

A few points to take up.

• Read the title and description carefully
• If the item is ending soon with no bids, why!
• if you can keep an eye on it, try to watch it, it isn’t wasted time.

These days, if you buy something from Ebay, most sellers are open to giving you a refund, I’ve had two recently, including this one, you may lose out on the postage, but you could be losing a lot more if your seller refuses a refund simply because the title wasn’t read correctly.

So happy Ebaying if you buy from there.