Test rig filming featuring Libby Gamble and Rob Russell

This is some more test footage from the rig, this time we tried using some make shift wheels instead of krabs and the overall issue with this version was the not so smooth  running up and down the lines.

I’ve put the video in and used Youtube’s video stabilizer feature and I have to say that the footage turn out to be much better! With the small edits I’ve made, I have been using Adobe Premier and After Effects, I put my 800 MB video into the motion stabilizer settings (which now I feel was more bother than it should have been), the video ballooned to a massive 23GB! The AE stabilizer has been placed on hold for now.

Having endured the 20 minute software processing of the Adobe Effects (not including the couple of hours having to find tracking points for the software), vs the Youtube ‘enhancements’ stabilize button, I feel that the uploading of the file time is a win for me!

We used my trusty Gopro Hero2 to film, it has become more functional to me now that the wi-fi and remote features has been added. An odd thing that I’m not used to it the fact that people seem surprised that it has the remote view feed! Perhaps not many people are interested in these details, I thought that most people would have an idea about this feature but it’s not the case in my experience. Gopro if your reading, maybe you need to market this feature more!!