Doing ‘nothing’ is important as doing ‘something’

‘How can you do nothing’, a very good returning question to this statement of ice.doing nothing, Another perspective is to say, ‘I’m being still!’ Borrowed from Karate kid movie, the one with Will Smith’s kid.

Over the years of climbing , I’ve been fortunate to not injury myself too seriously, not needing to spend more than a week away from climbing.
Whenever I have been injured, I felt it was very important not to do anything that could make it worst, even after 3 or 4 days of resting that particular body part.

This week, I’ve been on holiday, along with my girlfriend’s native country (Poland), enjoying food, the cheaper cost of living and her just being home. Pre holiday time, a month or so, a finger on each hand has been affected with limited movement and pain under certain pressure.

Today is our penultimate day, tomorrow we travel from Ilona’s hometown to the city of Krakow and fly back to England, as the inspiration for this post, I find each of my injured fingers is improved, with movement and lack of pain.

To be aware of this is joy, not having done any climbing for a week has been tough, on our first day, I was searching places to climb in the local area (talk about needing to get a fix). I could have tried to do alternative exercises, but went against the vibe of being on holiday especially in Keilce, if you live in the city, the small town visit is quite stuff for things to keep you entertained.

In reflection, my holiday has been great, relaxing, eating great food, sleeping, being bored, waiting, sodku, walking, visit pre-adult places and recuperating.

Remember its important to do nothing sometimes.


Name that tune?

I’m not one to keep a good thing from the world, but this had to be shared.

I’ll ask you to be patient, if you guess before the end, tell me what time you guess it at.

This was at my great friends birthday dinner, the birthday that keeps on giving.