Why People Don’t Like You

Why People Don’t Like You.

Give this a read guys, it could give you the answers you’ve been searching for! Its short and if you take on board the point, then you’ll be aright, – if you can’t decode what is being said, you must learn to love yourself before you can love anyone else and have them love you back.

I was told this in another format about three years ago 2011 or 12, since they I fell that I’ve been happy since. Your worst enemy is yourself, no doubt about it, don’t be your own enemy, unfortunately there’s many a person will to take this role on, full heartedly and ride that ship over the waterfall taken you with it.

DON’T LET THEM! love yourself first and the people closest to you second.


I’ve made myself into a animated Gif

The second try

The second try

Matthew given it some
Matthew given it some!

who's that in the back ground
who’s that in the back ground

The Super league has been running for the last few years and last year I scored reasonable well for the amount of bouldering I done, this year I’d missed the first round, I was working and the second, I was on holiday. This time I made sure I was neither!

The competition is 15 boulder problems for adults and kids, adults have two categories, recreational and advanced the kids are separated by age, the scoring is based on the least amount of attempts for each problem; you managed to climb on your first try – 10 pts, second attempt – 7 pts, third try 3 pts and 1 point there after.

Your asked to mark yourself in an honesty system, the reality is that for some one to cheat is pretty easy, but I’m pretty sure we’d be able to suss the genuine from the fraud. The problems are configured by the lead performance coach called Rob Russel, also en-listed in the ‘setting’ is Rich “Tricky” Hudson and Liam Halsey.

Together with a few others, these guys can get you pull your hardest on plastic and force your body into positions you never considered. The forth and last round will be this April the 8th so perhaps you’ll get it a go and get your self in a tight spot!

I used http://www.gifmaker.me/ to upload downsized photos’ to and create the Gifs.