The 4 island tour (koh Lanta)


When we’d met with Roggie and Inka, we asked them  what been a best bit, they both said the Emerald Cave, it was a part of a boat tour then had done. Like the Phi phi tour, we’d done earlier in the week, this was another way to fill a day.

The pick up time is 8:30 am we hustle down to the front to wait, we see James waiting for his bus, it’s been over 30 mins, trying to help figure out something for him to do it comes to him getting a taxi to the travel agent and waiting there.

No more than 10 minutes pass and a big with koh Lanta – Krabi stops, his bus! So this frames my mind ‘what if our bus is late?’ Our’s does come late but not so late.

We arrive at the pier, and we’re the last to join the group with others waiting to get on to a long tail, to transfer to the ferry. Since the first long tail trip the option for ferry was given, the difference in price, 300 baht each, £6, for less bumping, water spraying and greater comfort, a bargain.

We get on board and we see coffee tea and toast, we grab some (3 coffees for me four pieces of toast.
The first stop after an hour and a half, a snorkeling point along side a massive rock/island, unlike the last trip I get my contacts in first thing and it’s time to get wet. The trip provides mask, snorkel and flippers. It’s fun, the water wasn’t as clear as we’ve seen but you can see the fish. For 30 the group is checking out the area, another part of the group went on kayaks around the small island, when they came back we packed up and moved on to Koh Mook.

Just before the group is gathered up, the skipper, is line fishing of the back of the boat, he baits his simple line and the fish frenzy over the small piece of bread and he tugs the line up, there’s a half full bucket of fish which I think the crew will have later (then did) what an ideal way to provide a meal!

The Emerald cave was a setup, the group grabs each others life jackets, a sea snake of people make their slow way towards the cave opening, we go in slowly, with one of the boat crew leading, small torch in hand, the crew is young and are trying scare people by smacking flippers against the water’s surface, quite a cracking noise, we get to some what the middle because it’s black, save for the light of the hand torch, then it reveals, slowly the light at the end of the tunnel, we emerge for the darkest into a small beach, about 60 meters wide and surrounded by high rock cliffs! A trapped paradise, I suppose its possible to get to this beach at high tide, I’m not so daring to try.

Emerald cave beachEmerald cave beach signLonka

Third stop, more snorkeling, I didn’t go this time, was feeling it and a little unwell, I grab some sleep instead, Ilona grabs some sun, her skin is handling the sun better or she’s protecting herself more.

The Koh Ngat resort is directly on the pier to stop at, it’s on the beach, which everyone desires, but of the beaches we’ve been to, Bamboo off Phi phi have been the best out of the lot of them. The Gnat beach is full of broken coral pieces making it difficult to walk on getting in and out of the sea.

Time to go, some pleasant experiences lots of traveling on boats, didn’t earn my sea legs either today, sitting at the dinner table, four hours later and I for moment to moment still feel the waves of the sea.

Only two more boat trips and then it’s over.